Aesthetic dentistry

Show your teeth – with a bright smile!

Patients today attach greater importance to beautiful teeth. And rightly so: After all, they stand for health and contribute to a person’s self-confidence and positive charisma.

The aesthetics of teeth and gums is therefore a main focus of our practice. Our goal is always to combine high-quality dentistry with the possibilities of modern dental aesthetics. On the basis of individual advice (including very clear denture models), we develop a tailor-made solution for each patient so that form and function work together in harmony.

Special competence: Due to his dual competence as a dentist and many years of experience as a dental technician, Dr. Luzi has in-depth knowledge of individual tooth design and a strong understanding of aesthetics.

Computer-aided technology: With CAD-CAM System technology , we produce high-quality, all-ceramic inlays, crowns and veneers without imprints and in a single appointment – ​​directly in our practice.

Our aesthetic program for you:

Tooth-colored fillings/inlays

You don’t have to look at your teeth for caries treatment these days. Our practice offers you aesthetic and mouth-friendly composite fillings (often referred to simply as plastic) as well as very natural-looking ceramic inlays (insert fillings that are manufactured separately and inserted as a whole).

Metal-free all-ceramic crowns and bridges

In contrast to the commonly used ceramic veneers, biologically compatible restorations made of all-ceramic do not require any metal at all. This results in some convincing advantages:

Highly esthetic: Because no metal coloring can shine through from the inside, all-ceramic imitates the appearance of natural tooth substance with its slight transparency and the typical light reflection in a deceptively real way. All-ceramic crowns and bridges therefore look almost like natural teeth. In addition, dark “pencil edges” of a crown are avoided.
Biocompatible: All-ceramic is metal-free and therefore very compatible and anti-allergenic.
No electrical interactions: No electrical currents or corresponding interactions with existing metal-containing fillings or dentures can occur.

Veneers (facing shells), non-prep veneers

Veneers are thin veneers made of ceramic. With them, aesthetic defects in the area of ​​the incisors and canines, such as severe tooth discoloration, small gaps, broken corners, slight misalignments, can be corrected very well.

Veneers are placed on the tooth surface from the outside. They are very durable and are precisely matched to the color of your natural teeth so that they look very natural.

Non-Prep-Veneers: This is a non-invasive type of veneer that does not require grinding your teeth. Non-prep veneers lend themselves to certain corrective measures.

Tooth whitening (bleaching)

A beautiful smile with white teeth is attractive. Not completely satisfied with the color of your teeth? We offer different types of teeth whitening:

In-office bleaching : With this procedure, all teeth are whitened within a short period of time. We use modern, efficient and gentle technology.
Home Bleaching: You can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. You will also receive a custom-made carrier splint and the right bleaching agent from us.
Internal bleaching: Here, individual teeth that have turned grayish or brownish from the inside over time are lightened.

Before bleaching, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned . This improves the bleaching result.

Nice straight teeth

Adults and older young people who also want to have their misaligned teeth corrected for aesthetic reasons have inconspicuous orthodontic correction options available in our practice .

You can find out more about aesthetic dentistry in the patient guide.

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