CAD-CAM System

CAD-CAM System

The advantages of CAD-CAM System :

  • High accuracy of fit and precise marginal fit of the denture (this reduces the risk of caries)
  • Aesthetically sophisticated results thanks to the ceramic used, which can hardly be distinguished from the natural tooth substance
  • Time savings: From measuring the tooth to inserting the dentures, everything can often be done in just one appointment.

How CAD-CAM 3D System works:

1. Digital planning

The three-dimensional image of the tooth is displayed on a screen. The shape and size of the required filling or crown can now be drawn in digitally – precisely taking into account the neighboring teeth and, important for a harmonious bite, the respective tooth in the opposite jaw

2. Computer controlled manufacturing

The digital planning data is transmitted to a high-tech milling unit, which automatically carves the restoration piece out of a ceramic block

3. Insertion of the denture

The denture can be inserted immediately after production. The result of the CAD-CAM work procedure is a restoration (inlay, crown, partial crown or veneer) that meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements.

Be amazed by the quality and natural beauty of these all-ceramic reconstructions. We would be happy to show you some examples.

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Copyright 2021 Dental Estetik. All rights reserved.