Dental Implants

For your quality of life

Dental implants (artificial tooth roots made of titanium, on which individual tooth crowns, a bridge or prosthesis can be firmly anchored) preserve the quality of life:

Dental implants usually act like your own teeth and are also perceived as such.

The advantages of dental implants:

  • Naturalness: The chewing comfort and the feeling of your own teeth are retained.
  • Dental aesthetics: Implant-supported dentures are extremely aesthetic – almost as if they were your real teeth. (In the case of implants, for example, there are no “free-floating” pontics or conspicuous retaining elements.)
  • Protection of neighboring teeth: Healthy neighboring teeth do not have to be ground down for insertion. Their tooth substance remains intact.
  • Preservation of the jaw bone: Implants prevent bone loss because they stress the jaw like natural tooth roots.
  • Firm bite with full dentures: Implant-supported dentures offer significantly more support than adhesives and suction forces because they are firmly connected to the jaw.
3D implant planning with DVT

For safer treatments, the best possible implant position and more aesthetic results, your implant treatment can be computer-aided and three-dimensionally planned if necessary . The insertion of the artificial tooth roots is precisely simulated on the monitor before the actual treatment.

This is based on images from digital volume tomography , an innovative 3D X-ray layer technique. We have our own DVT device.

Very short implants

As an alternative to normal implants, we offer extremely short implants. These come into question for some patients who have a receding or particularly flat jawbone and who have to or want to do without bone augmentation such as the “sinus lift” (in the side tooth area).

Bone structure / patient's own growth factors

For the firm hold of implants, it is important that the jawbone has sufficient height and width. If this is not the case, for example due to bone loss, modern bone augmentation methods are available today.

If necessary, we use the innovative PRGF procedure (with the patient’s own growth factors) . In this way we accelerate the bone healing processes and reduce the risk of wound infections and complications.

You can learn more about bone grafting procedures in the patient guide.

Much more implant information (advantages, course of treatment, possible uses and much more) can be found in the patient guide.

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Copyright 2021 Dental Estetik. All rights reserved.