Dental Surgery

Maximum protection is the priority

Interventions that affect the teeth, the soft tissue or the jawbone fall into this area – implantology is also included. When it comes to our treatments, we don’t just value the success of the therapy. We would like to offer you a pleasant, painless and gentle treatment.

Service: Conscientious care and service are important to us. This includes a care call the next day (for major surgeries) and our information sheet for surgical interventions (rules of conduct) .

Tooth and wisdom tooth extraction

We want to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. However, this is not always possible, for example if a tooth is too badly damaged due to caries or has been severely loosened by periodontitis.

Wisdom teeth can remain in the mouth for some people. However, removal is essential when these teeth would lead to various complications such as tooth displacement, cysts, abscesses and other problems as a result of lack of space.

Surgical tooth extraction: Our range of treatments includes more complicated tooth extractions, such as those required for wisdom teeth that have not yet grown out.


Root tip resection is often the last option to save a tooth and may be necessary for the following reasons:

  • An inflammation at the root tip does not heal completely, even with careful root treatment.
  • There is renewed inflammation on teeth that have already had a root treatment and a revision was unsuccessful.

During treatment, we remove the diseased part of the root tip and the surrounding inflamed tissue.

Veneers (facing shells), non-prep veneers

A correction of frenulum of the lips or tongue that is too deep or too tight is recommended for several reasons: They often pull on the gums and cause gum recession. A gap between the incisors (diastema) is also promoted. Language development in children can be adversely affected.

We remove or shorten the ligaments in a small surgical procedure.

Exposure of impacted teeth

If teeth remain in the jawbone (retained) or are positioned at an angle in the jawbone and would therefore grow out crookedly, exposure is required.

During the treatment, we remove soft tissue and, if necessary, some jawbone. They can then be orthodontically integrated into the dental arch. The exposure can also serve to prevent inflammation or the development of tumors.

Surgical crown lengthening

If the minimum distance between the edge of the crown and the jawbone was not observed when inserting a larger inlay or a crown, this often leads to permanent irritation or inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Even if a crown or filling is to be used and the teeth are very short for it, this would be the result without further pre-treatment.

We can often remedy the situation with a surgical crown lengthening. We gently remove a little bone around the tooth root and thus restore the required distance.

There are also aesthetic reasons for a crown lengthening, for example if a lot of gums are visible when you smile.

Do you have questions about a treatment? Willingly! Feel free to contact us.

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Copyright 2021 Dental Estetik. All rights reserved.