Dental tourism in Albania

Dental tourism in Albania. Cheap dentist in Tirana. Dental clinic at low cost prices.

Dental tourism in Albania with cheap dentist in Tirana and dental clinic at low cost prices. Choose the best for your dental care,  clinic is located in Tirana in Albania and saves you more than on dental care with an hour of flight. The Polyclinic deals with all protocols for dental implants, osseointegrated implants, dental prostheses, oral surgery, dental aesthetics, oral hygiene, conservative dentistry, treatments, teeth whitening, dental veneers, first aid, bacterial infections, fixed orthodontics , Mobile Orthodontics, Invisible Orthodontics. Today, saving  on dental care is very simple, just go to a radiology center and make a panoramic vegetable garden and send it to us as reported on the contact page. Once received, we will make you the quote within 48 hours, so you can compare it with other quotes, thus verifying the cost of the treatment plan and the actual savings of . To make a reservation in our dental polyclinic it will be sufficient to send us the plane ticket by email or whatsapp, so we will be at the airport to pick you up and take you to the hotel that is offered by the polyclinic for the entire period of treatment. The treatment times, even the most complex ones, do not last more than 5 working days, you will also have assistance and a 5-year guarantee.

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