It pays to be demanding!

Dentures should perform the same as your own teeth: ensure a strong bite and high chewing comfort, fit perfectly into your individual bite and be compatible and enable good dental care. In addition, dentures can now appear almost as aesthetic and natural as your own teeth.
Good dentures mean quality of life!
Particular denture competence: Dr. Keiler is a dentist and also a dental technician with many years of experience. Due to this dual competence, we have in-depth knowledge of the quality, design options and aesthetics of dentures.
Whether it’s the highest quality treatment or a good, cheaper option: we’ll find the right dentures for your needs and options together in our personal consultation. We use very clear crown and denture models . This makes it even easier to decide on the right solution for you.

Our special features for quality dentures:

Metal-free and highly aesthetic: One focus of our practice is metal-free and extremely natural-looking restorations (crowns, bridges and inlays made of all-ceramic)
Shade matching on site/preview model: A dental technician comes directly to the practice for an individual shade adjustment. This enables your dentures to look very natural.
CEREC®: With the CEREC® system , we can produce high-quality all-ceramic inlays, crowns and veneers in just one session, without leaving any impressions.
Financing: As a service , we allow you to pay in installments if you have your own shares.

Overview: the types of dentures

Depending on the individual tooth situation, the following types of dentures are possible:
Fixed dentures: crowns and partial crowns, bridges, adhesive bridges, veneers
Removable dentures: partial dentures, total dentures
Combined dentures: Removable dentures that are held to the natural teeth or implants with fixed parts.
We also specialize in implantology. In terms of function, comfort and aesthetics, implants often offer advantages over conventional types of dentures.