Digital X-Ray

Digital x-ray

Modern digital X-ray technology represents a further development of conventional analogue systems.

Depending on the diagnostic requirements, it is possible to take so-called panoramic images of all teeth, including the upper and lower jaw, the maxillary sinuses and joints, in addition to individual tooth images. Such panoramic images are created in just one recording process, in which the X-ray unit moves in a semicircle around your head. A panoramic photo provides information about wisdom teeth that have not grown out, possible inflammatory processes in the jaw and dentition and, last but not least, the root canals.

The advantages of digital X-rays:

  • Digital X-ray works with reduced radiation. Compared to analog procedures, the burden on you is significantly lower.
  • The recordings are available immediately and do not have to be developed first.
  • Since our practice is digitally networked, it is possible to call up the X-ray images in any treatment room without delay.
  • If necessary, digital X-ray images can be sent quickly and easily by e-mail to colleagues to clarify specific technical questions or for referrals.
  • Digital X-rays are more environmentally friendly because e.g. B. no developer chemicals are required.

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