Electronic Root length measurement

electronic root length measurement

We use modern technology for root canal treatments. This enables a more precise procedure and thus significantly increases the success prognosis of the therapy.

In addition to X-ray technology, we therefore use an electrometric length measuring device. This determines the exact length of the root canal through a high-precision measurement of the electrical resistance.

The regular X-ray only provides a two-dimensional image on which the end of the canal is not always clearly visible.

However, knowledge of the exact length of the root canal is a prerequisite for all subsequent work steps (cleaning and filling). The canal must be treated completely up to the root tip.

The advantages of electrical length measurement:

  • The electrical measurement is more precise than pure X-ray diagnostics because it determines the actual end of the inflamed root canal area.
  • In addition, we can do without some of the X-rays that would otherwise be required.

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