Fillings and Inlays

Modern fillings: compatible and tooth-colored

Fillings belong to “conservative dentistry”, which means that they can be used to repair and preserve teeth damaged by caries. Preserving teeth is an important principle of our practice.
Amalgam- free/amalgam restoration: Amalgam fillings have a striking color and contain mercury. Since the founding of our practice, we have therefore not used amalgam. On request, we carry out an amalgam restoration.

The right form of supply for every need:

  • Composite plastics consist of a plastic-ceramic mixture and are mainly used for small and medium-sized fillings.
  • Ceramic inlays can replace larger areas of the molars. They have very good functional properties and look deceptively like real tooth substance.

We will advise you in detail on the most suitable filling material for the respective tooth situation.

Computer-aided production: With CAD-CAM technology , we not only produce ceramic inlays with high precision, without imprints and often more cheaply, but also directly in our practice and within one appointment.

Drill? No thank you! Thanks to the so-called Icon® method, drilling and filling is often not required for caries in the very early stages . This also protects healthy tooth substance.