Geriatric Dentistry

Experience dental treatments relaxed and stress-free

Fear of dental work is relatively common. The good news: Fear of the dentist can be “unlearned” again through positive experiences! We would like to achieve this together with you.
Our dentists have a lot of experience with anxious patients, are empathetic and address any concerns that each individual may have. In general, we prefer gentle procedures that avoid pain or other side effects as far as possible from the outset.
  • General anaesthetic: Treatment under general anesthesia is an option for children and adults who are very afraid of dentists or who undergo extensive surgical treatment. We carry this out two to three times a month in our practice, i.e. in a familiar atmosphere, in cooperation with an experienced anesthetist.Afraid of injections? In the case of local pain anaesthesia, we offer you pre-treatment with an anesthetic gel or spray. So a subsequent injection is hardly noticeable.
Adults/older adolescents: Misaligned teeth can also be corrected in older adolescents and adults. There are transparent, removable solutions or fixed, unobtrusive braces. If necessary, some jaw misalignments can be treated with surgery.