Drill? No! (icon®)

drill? no! (icon®)

In the past there was only one treatment option for caries: the carious tooth substance had to be removed and the “hole” in the tooth (the cavity) then had to be filled. Even if the procedure is careful and precise, some of the healthy tooth substance is always removed.

Today we have a more modern treatment option: In our practice we use the Icon® method, caries infiltration without drilling. This method was developed by the DMG company in Hamburg in cooperation with the Berlin Charité and the University of Kiel.

The advantages of Icon®:

  • Drilling and filling is not required for early-stage caries.
  • Healthy tooth substance is spared.
  • The method is painless.
  • Aesthetic benefit: Initial caries is often indicated by unsightly white or brown spots on the tooth surface. These are eliminated with the Icon® method.

How Icon® works:

    1. The carious tooth surface is first roughened a little and then treated with a special preparation, the so-called Icon®-Infiltrant.
    2. This penetrates deep into the pores of the damaged (and partially discolored) tooth substance. There it fills the microfine holes in the enamel and closes them.

    This procedure is always an option when the tooth substance is only slightly damaged.

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