Mechanical root canal treatment

Mechanical root canal treatment

In root canal treatment, diseased tissue and bacteria must be removed from the canals as completely as possible. For this work step, we use mechanically operated, highly flexible file systems instead of hand instruments.

During the mechanical procedure, the canals are shaped (prepared) in such a way that they narrow conically towards the tip. In this way, even more complicated root canal shapes can be cleaned and filled. At the same time, the particles contained are removed from the canals by the rotating movement of the files.

The advantages of machine treatment:

  • Thanks to the greater precision and flexibility of the files, it enables more thorough cleaning and shaping of the infected root canals than other methods. Mechanically operated files move safely through the hair-thin, curved and branched canals. Thus, they contribute to a higher success rate of root canal treatment.
  • Furthermore, the mechanical reprocessing is faster and usually more comfortable for patients than the procedure with hand instruments.

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