Beautiful, straight teeth for health and self-confidence

Misaligned teeth and jaws are not only visually disturbing – depending on the extent, they can have an impact on oral health and general well-being. For example, if the rows of teeth do not meet correctly, incorrect loading occurs. In the worst case, they lead to jaw joint problems or premature tooth loss. Furthermore, teeth that are twisted or shifted into each other cannot be cleaned optimally – the result is an increased risk of caries and inflammation (e.g. periodontitis).

Treatment of children: Most misalignments should be treated early on in the milk teeth, because this usually simplifies orthodontic treatment of the permanent teeth, sometimes even making it superfluous. Our tip: As a precautionary measure, have your child examined in our practice at kindergarten age.

Adults/older adolescents: Misaligned teeth can also be corrected in older adolescents and adults. There are transparent, removable solutions or fixed, unobtrusive braces. If necessary, some jaw misalignments can be treated with surgery.

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Copyright 2021 Dental Estetik. All rights reserved.