pediatric dentistry

Make a visit to the dentist a pleasant experience

Childhood lays the foundation for dental health throughout life. Therefore, children should be introduced to careful dental care as early as possible – healthy milk teeth are important! Visits to the dentist should also be made at an early stage so that children can get used to the unfamiliar environment and develop trust in the dentist and his team.

Through special attention, patience and a child-friendly approach, we build up this trust and want to give every child a good feeling and fun when visiting the dentist. We’re excited for your child!

Treatment by pediatric dentist Dr. Romanowska stone

For the treatment of our youngest patients, in addition to Dr. Keiler and Dr. Köpf the pediatric dentist Dr. Romanowska stone available. She is specially trained to treat children and has many years of experience. She is also a mother herself and is therefore very familiar with the special needs of children when visiting the (dentist) doctor.

Special details for children:

Cinema for children: Our children’s treatment chair is equipped with a head-up screen and headphones. Exciting children’s films have proven to be a very effective distraction from the treatment process.
Afraid of an injection? If pain anesthesia is necessary during the treatment of your child, we can offer pre-treatment with an anesthetic gel on request. The subsequent “prick” of the syringe can therefore hardly be felt.

Child prophylactic services

In the case of children between the ages of two and five, early examinations are the priority. According to this, special dental hygiene measures are planned for children and young people depending on their age and the individual risk of caries. These include the following services:

  • Tooth brushing school: child-friendly explanations of correct brushing techniques, tooth decay and oral hygiene
  • Advice on tooth-healthy nutrition and drinking habits (dilution juices, fruit juices, soft drinks and much more)
  • Strengthening of tooth enamel through fluoridation
  • Fissure sealants to protect against caries in the molars.

In addition, special intensive tooth cleaning is an important part of preventive care. Bacterial plaque is removed even from hard-to-reach places.

Tooth or jaw misalignments

If during our examination we find a possible disturbance in the development of the teeth (tooth or jaw misalignment), we offer orthodontic treatment.

You can find out more about children’s teeth (dental care, prophylaxis, reducing anxiety and much more) in our dental guide.

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