Periodontitis treatment

For teeth and general health

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Periodontitis, colloquially known to many as periodontal disease, is a bacterial inflammation that damages the periodontium (bones and gums). Today it is the main cause of tooth loss in adults.
In addition, periodontitis can impair general health: Studies show that inflammation, for example, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and has a negative effect on diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis! We therefore attach great importance to treatment based on the current state of science
Gentle treatment

Although periodontitis cannot be completely cured, it can be brought to a standstill by consistent periodontal pocket treatment. To do this, plaque, deposits and bacteria are removed from the surfaces of tooth necks and roots.

More efficient and gentler: In order to carry out the treatment more efficiently, more gently and more comfortably for you, we use Sonicflex ultrasound technology and a minimally invasive procedure, photodynamic therapy .

Computer-assisted documentation

With the help of the ParoStatus®.de computer program, we document all the relevant parameters of your oral health and develop your individual periodontitis prevention and treatment program.

ParoStatus®.de presents the results in a way that is easy to understand and very descriptive. You can take printouts home with you, are always well informed about the further development of your oral health and know how you can further optimize your oral hygiene.

Microbiological test / genetic test

In the case of particularly stubborn forms of periodontitis, we identify the bacteria that cause the inflammation using a microbiological test. In this way, we can specifically remove them with the right antibacterial agent.

In addition, we can use a genetic test to check whether you are predisposed to developing periodontitis and thus treat the disease earlier and with simpler measures.

Important: periodontitis prophylaxis

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation. After the actual treatment, close follow-up care (“periodontitis prophylaxis”) is extremely important in order to maintain the state of health that has been achieved. This prophylaxis includes control appointments with the measurement of the gum pocket depth as well as professional tooth cleaning .

Furthermore, your own careful dental care at home plays a major role in the preservation of your teeth. We will advise you in detail on this.