Prophylaxis / oral hygiene

Beautiful and healthy teeth for life?

Prevention is very important in our practice. Because according to the principle “precaution instead of repair” we represent a concept of permanent oral health. With the help of regular prophylaxis, it is actually often possible to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime.

In the dental practice, several specialists are employed in prophylaxis who have completed a demanding training as a prophylaxis assistant (the “PASS” course) at the Association for Dental Health Tyrol.

Based on your individual caries and periodontitis risk, we develop a needs-based prophylaxis program tailored to your needs. In addition, we have established special preventive programs for different patient groups such as periodontitis patients and implant patients.
expertise and quality

Professional tooth cleaning (PZR) is an indispensable addition to your own oral care. It is so important because bacterial deposits and plaque are carefully removed even in hard-to-reach places, especially in the spaces between the teeth and on the gum line. There are also other components such as tooth polishing, fluoridation of the enamel and individual tips for your own dental care.

Advantages of professional teeth cleaning:

  • The risk of caries and periodontitis is significantly reduced.
  • It helps to keep your own teeth for a long time.
  • The risk of general health impairments is reduced because bacteria and inflammatory processes in the mouth are reduced (especially important for cardiovascular patients, diabetics, pregnant women).
  • Discolorations caused by coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine are gently removed.
  • The positive additional effect is smooth, clean teeth and a fresh feeling in the mouth.
  • After periodontitis treatment, professional tooth cleaning helps to stop the disease permanently.
fissure sealing

The typical indentations in the chewing surfaces of the molars are called fissures. If these are very deep, bacterial deposits can quickly settle there and lead to tooth decay.

Sealing with a white special plastic offers long-lasting protection. It is recommended for children, but also for adults with a high risk of caries. We would be happy to advise you individually.

nutritional advice

A tooth-healthy diet also helps to prevent diseases. In our individual nutritional advice, you will receive practical advice on which foods and simple rules of conduct are good for your teeth and gums and which are not.

Prevention of oral mucosal diseases

Our services include check-ups for diseases of the oral mucosa. We check the mucous membrane for any signs of fungal and viral infections or other diseases such as oral cancer. If we find any changes, we treat them or arrange for a more detailed investigation.

Our patient guide contains much more information about your own and dental preventive care.

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