Root canal treatment

Get teeth instead of pulling teeth

The goal of root canal treatment is to save a tooth with an inflamed “nerve”. This bacterial inflammation can be caused, for example, by deep caries or a tooth accident.
In the past, such teeth were usually removed because there was no treatment option. Today we can often save them with a treatment carried out according to modern standards. In addition, root canal treatment is intended to prevent the inflammation from spreading to the surrounding jawbone.

Quality-enhancing procedures for an increased success prognosis

When it comes to root canal treatment, experience, precision in the smallest of spaces and modern methods are required, because the root canals are often very fine and branched out. We have the know-how and offer you treatment with the help of quality-enhancing technical aids:
Magnifying glasses for finding the sometimes hair-thin root canals and for more precise work.
Rubber dam shielding for a treatment environment that is as bacteria-free as possible.
Electronic root length measurement for precise determination of the length of the root canals and for fewer X-rays.
Machine-operated treatment for particularly effective cleaning of the canals.
This significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. Root-treated teeth can often be preserved for years or even decades.