Think holistically

The whole person in view

We stand for modern, scientifically based dentistry, but include holistic thinking and naturopathic procedures in the treatment. We always see the whole person in you.

Holistic dentistry assumes that teeth and jaws cannot be seen separately from the entire organism. For example, problems with teeth and the chewing system sometimes lead to disorders and complaints in completely different parts of the body. Conversely, oral health is affected by problems in other areas of the organism.

Examples of our holistic approach:

  • Natural, compatible and gentle treatment methods and forms of care (e.g. metal-free, highly aesthetic crowns and bridges made of all-ceramic , amalgam-free filling therapy)
  • Natural substances and natural healing methods such as regeneration oils, propolis (protective resin of the bees) for wound healing, mouthwash and bad breath treatment with high-quality vegetable oils
  • Very detailed initial assessment that takes into account the function of the temporomandibular joints and the entire body.

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Copyright 2022 Dental Estetik. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 Dental Estetik. All rights reserved.