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Dental emergency service

Your gums are inflamed.
Use a medicated mouthwash solution that contains the active ingredient chlorhexidine. You can get them at the pharmacy.

However, do not use the rinsing solution for a long time as it can discolour the teeth and temporarily affect the sense of taste. Alternatively, you can also rinse with sage or chamomile tea for lighter inflammations.

Make an appointment with us if you frequently suffer from gingivitis so that we can find out the cause and treat it at an early stage.

Your wisdom teeth grow out and cause gum disease.
Medical mouthwash solutions with the active ingredient chlorhexidine, which you can get in pharmacies, can also help here. Douching with sage or chamomile tea can also be helpful. In any case, please visit our practice. We check whether the wisdom teeth are growing straight and have enough space in the jaw or should be removed.
You have a toothache.
Toothache can have many different causes, e.g. B. caries under a filling, too much pressure on the teeth due to teeth grinding or fillings and crowns that no longer fit exactly. Therefore, you should always visit our practice so that we can get to the bottom of your complaints. In the meantime, take a suitable painkiller recommended by the pharmacy.

The pain is very severe or your cheek is swollen? Please contact the dental emergency service!

Your gums have receded and your teeth are now sensitive.
When the tooth necks (the area between the tooth crown and the root) are no longer covered by gums, the teeth often become overly sensitive. Good products (including toothpaste) are available for treating sensitive tooth necks.
Various treatment options are available to us to alleviate such hypersensitivity in the long term, e.g. B. a sealing of the tooth necks. Make an appointment so we can determine the cause and help you.
An inlay, crown or bridge has become loose.
You can temporarily attach them again using toothpaste or denture adhesive cream. Call us the next day to make an appointment. We will repair your inlay or denture as soon as possible.
A tooth fell out after an accident.
The tooth can usually be preserved, please note the following tips:

  • Do not wash the tooth or touch the root. In this way you avoid damaging the sensitive root skin.
  • Store the tooth in a tooth rescue box or in sterile saline. You can get both at the pharmacy. In a pinch, you can use fresh, cold UHT milk.
  • Come to us or to the dental emergency service immediately, unless there are other injuries that require treatment.

In our practice, the tooth is cleaned and splinted. We also check whether the tooth has regained its firm hold in the jaw.

Our tip: Do you or your child practice a sport such as mountain biking, soccer or karate? We recommend that you wear an individually fitted athlete’s mouthguard, which we can make for you in our practice. Because most dental accidents happen during sports. With an athlete’s mouthguard, tooth damage can be effectively avoided.

A piece of the incisor has broken off.
Place the piece of tooth in sterile saline solution or, if necessary, in cold, fresh UHT milk and come to us.

However, long-term reattachment is often no longer possible. In this case, however, the incisor can usually be restored without any problems, e.g. B. by tooth-colored composites.

bleeding after tooth extraction.
Occasional slight bleeding after a tooth extraction is not uncommon and should not worry you. You can stop the bleeding by cooling the affected cheek and lightly biting down on a clean cloth handkerchief. Sit up straight or lie down on a raised cushion.

If, contrary to expectations, the bleeding does not stop, please call us. The same applies if you experience an unpleasant taste or your cheek swells up again after a few days.

Our tip: a tooth rescue box for the medicine cabinet!

It happens quickly, especially to children: In the heat of the moment, a piece of a tooth can break off or a tooth can be completely knocked out. Then, ideally, the tooth rescue box is used, in which the tooth or the piece of tooth can be professionally stored until you go to the dentist. The tooth can be restored if necessary.

The good thing about the tooth rescue box: A tooth can be kept in the tooth rescue box for around a day. Nevertheless, the dentist should be consulted as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth is put back together or reinserted, the better the chances of healing.

Tooth rescue boxes are available in every pharmacy and can be kept for several years.

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